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Starting of node agent in glassfish 4

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I have installed glassfish 4 in my windows system.I am able to start the domain but while i am starting the node agent using the command "start-node-agent nodeagentname" am not able to start the node agent.

It shows the following error:

CLI194 Previously supported command : start-node-agent is not supported for this release.

Kindly someone help to resolve this issue.


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Joined: 2013-08-06

Hi Kamalesh,

The reason you can't start the node agent is because there isn't one! The node agent has been deprecated for the last few major releases.

If you need to migrate an existing GlassFish environment which uses node agents to version 4, there is a guide on how to go about it for version 3.1. The concepts should remain the same for version 4.

Mike Croft
C2B2 Expert Support