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ssh between nodes problem

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Joined: 2012-02-12

I run through some problems with ssh lately... Please find logs attached to this topic. You can see there one serious problem actually. Refuse to connect by ssh.

1. start-domain, change-admin-password, enable-secure-admin, restart-domain
2. keygen dsa and rsa keys, put and to /.ssh/ (I am using root, so user.home is /) in a template virtual machine which will be cloned
3. When cloned virtual machine is booted I am executing script which will do this:
cat /mnt/cust/ | tee -a /.ssh/known_hosts > /dev/null
cat /mnt/cust/ | tee -a /.ssh/authorized_key > /dev/null
cat /mnt/cust/ | tee -a /.ssh/authorized_key2 > /dev/null

so basically, I have got private and public keys, public keys are distributed to all created nodes, nevertheless connection refused is thrown. If I ssh from command line everything is ok.

EDIT: I noticed double '/' in logs by id_rsa key:
[#|2012-07-07T10:28:47.991+0200|WARNING|44.0||_ThreadID=21;_ThreadName=Thread-2;|Could not connect to host using SSH.: There was a problem while connecting to Connection refused: host= port=22 user=root password=null keyFile=//.ssh/id_rsa keyPassPhrase=null authType=null knownHostFile=/.ssh/known_hosts|#]

Could it be causing the problem?

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Joined: 2012-02-12

Solved! This was as quick one as a tough one... It turned out that I was executing smf script too early and sshd wasn't listening on it's port. Just needed to add dependency to service's manifest