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[solved] Cannot connect to MBeanServer within Glassfish from a remote host

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I have a webapp running within Glassfish 3.1.2 on a host with IP address

I can connect to that JVM via jvisualvm using a JMX Connection from the local server:


However if I try to create a JMX Connection within jvisualvm running on another host in the same network I get "Cannot connect to ..." error message dialog.

No authentication credentials were needed for either case.

With much help from Tomas Hurka (thanks!) I was able to get the remote connection to work by editing the ~/glassfish-3.1.2/glassfish/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml and adding the following system property line just before each occurance of :


This sort of explains why above is needed as an RMI limitation though I do not quite grok it. Oh well.

My problem is solved but I am summarizing it here for posterity :-)

Thank again Tomas for your terrific help!