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SMTP binding type not available in WSDL wizard

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I am using netbeans 6.7.1, when i am trying to create the WSDL of concrete type, I am not getting the “SMTP” option. After initial check from internet i found that we have to import .jar files viz emailbc-component-installer.jar/ emailbc.jar. I downloaded both the .jar files. When i am importing i am getting the error message which says “This shared library must be present to import the above jars “sun-wsdl-ext-library”. I tried to search the jar file, but i could not find it.
Can anyone please help to fix this issue? Earlier i had installed the netbeans 7.3.1 but there i was not getting the SOA plug-in to install and i was not getting the BPEL options, so i installed 6.7.1.
I am also attaching the series of snapshots that i have seen while fixing this.


snapshots.doc63.57 KB