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Should a clustered GF-2.1 webapp run without changes on GF-3.1?

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I am currently migrating a webapp which is currently running on a clustered GF-2.1.1 instance to a clustered GF-3.1 environment.
The application configures session-replication using the old-school sun-web.xml (attached) and specifies the distributeable-tag, yet session-replication doesn't seem to work.

As I am not an expert when it comes to application servers, I have troubles finding out who to blame ;)
Should in theory GF-3.1 accept the same configuration as GF-2.1 did?
If so, it would be really great if somebody could give the attached config files a short sight, maybe its something ovious which I overlooked.

Thank you in advance, Clemens

PS: The file-upload feature of the forum seems to be broken, so I uploaded the files to my private server (web.xml has been shortened):