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RMI-IIOP performance issues

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We are evaluating migrating an EJB app from Web logic to Glassfish v3. There are ejb services running on the app server, which are invoked by remote stand-alone clients. The RMI-IIOP implementation of GF is not scaling well under load, throughput is low and response times are pretty high (approx. 10 times higher than web logic).

An alternate solution would be, make plain RMI calls without using the GF's RMI over IIOP.
We used Kryonet RMI instead of RMI-IIOP.
We have an instance of Kryonet RMI server on the server side, which invokes the ejb's locally, by-passing the RMI-IIOP completely. On the client side, instead of using the IIOP client, we use the kryonet client to talk to the RMI server. This performs pretty well, the client response times are pretty close to ejb response times. This scales pretty well as well.

Any feedbacks or comments on this approach?