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RMI in Glassfish3

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Hi All;
We have application which been designed a long time ago - Swing WebStart client connecting to the server via RMI. Deployed on Tomcat. We are working on moving it to Glassfish3. I started with building just a simple RMI Server project and tried to deploy it on Glassfish 3 and then access it through simple Client.
Can someone point me to any tutorials for Glassfish which explains how to configure Glassfish for RMI? It seems like Glassfish 3 handles RMI differently than Glassfish 2?
Googled for several hours with no success. This subject is not very popular.


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Check out the example for GlassFish 3 in EJB FAQ: How do I access a Remote EJB component from a stand-alone java client?


Joined: 2013-01-22

Thank you very much for your reply.
I know that one of the option is to switch to EJB, but the original project was build using RMI (not EJB) and I wanted to try to come as close as possible by using ONLY RMI. Do you think is it still possible with glassfish 3 or it has to be EJB?