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Resync not working for library files for specific cluster instance

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Hello all.

I'm establishing two clusters on two nodes with 2 instances each. One cluster is for production use, the other is for deployment of new release versions so I can change software versions without loss of availability. I don't need session persistence so session replication to the new cluster is not necessary. Environment: Linux/GF 3.1 b43

However, I've got a problem with synchronization between the DAS and the instances. Because the two clusters are running in the same domain, I use different configurations, one for each cluster. Now, the High Availability Administration Guide (HAAG) tells me, to put all cluster specific libraries in <domain-dir>/config/<config-name>/lib directory. Again, the HAAG tells me to trigger a resync on instance restart by 'touch'-ing a top-level file in the directory mentioned above. After restarting the instance(s) the timestamp on the library directory in the config/<config-name> directory changed, but the contents of the directory is not synced.

After trying for half a day I did an export-sync-bundle call and looked into the generated sync-zip-file. What I saw was, that the library directory appears in the file, but - again - the contents of the directory does not appear in the zip-file. I've already double checked the locations and existence of the file in the DAS. It's all there.

What am I missing?

Best regards,