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Restart Required status for remote instances does not get reset even when instance is restarted.

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I am having this issue. Used to be a known issue but i am not sure if it was actually fixed or not.

I am seeing this issue in GlassFish Server Open Source Edition (build 5)
I have 5 servers
I install GF on the first one
Through the admin console I created 4 GF SSH nodes
Deploy apps to all nodes
I start them all up
I change a JVM options which is applied to all apps
Instances say Restart-Required
I restart all instances from CLI - asadmin restart-instance insatnceName (we have a nightly rolling restart script)
I make sure all instances are restarted by watching the domain logs
Only the instances in domain1 (where the DAS resides) says Running. The rest still say Restart Required

Does restart do full sync?
Whats is the difference in sync between restart-instance vs stop-start-instance?