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@Resource inside JAX-RS-annotated bean

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Joined: 2006-05-14

hello everyone,

i would like to know if anyone have success injecting a JDBC
datasource inside a JAX-RS resource.

Do i need to make the resources EJB's? or plain old java objects have
the benefit too?

thanks in advance

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Joined: 2010-11-27

Dear sombriks

Did you find the right answer?

Joined: 2006-05-14


No i didn't.

For now i gave up to use only webprofile and added @Stateless annotation on JAX-RS along with @Path.

After that, the classes that i already mapped in my class got the right to use @Resource and @EJB to inject what i need just as if they where servlets... with the plus of being a EJB.

Zero xml configuration untill now, and thanks to JEE6 EJB's have no need to ejb-jar.xml or even an full featured EAR, they just live inside web project.

Of course, it will not run on ordinary and simpler tomcat, but it theory anything JEE6-compliant will run this .war