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Remote Application Client accessing Glassfish EJB's via Internet

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We currently have a JavaFX application running on a citrix server, our clients are complaining about performance. Our application is accessing our EJB's within our network as a stand alone GF client. We would like to convert our application to Application Client Container and have our clients access the application via Java Web Start.

We have an apache web server that services our web service requests currently and we would like to continue to use apache fronting our GF server. We are using the mod_jk module to forward our web service requests to the GF server.

1. Can this be done via the ACC feature within GF?

2. Will our EJB's be accessible outside our firewall using the ACC feature?

3. Can we forward the IIOP requests via the mod_jk module in apache?

I'm really looking for a good example and/or tutorial on running JavaWS apps from the ACC in GF and have our EJB's accessible from an external internet connection.

Thanks for the help