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Re: XA transaction errors on non-XA connection pools?

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Make sure the order of settings is as specified in the doc (otherwise it
will fail)


On 12/22/12 10:16 AM, Mo Maison wrote:
> Le 22/12/2012 00:32, Marina Vatkina a écrit :
>> On 12/21/12 3:03 PM, Laird Nelson wrote:
>>> Since flushing the connection pool is a known bug (i.e. there's no
>>> way from the admin console to flush a pool without causing an error;
>>> see for an example; this
>>> is true even of our initialized pools on, can I somehow
>>> tell GlassFish to dump and refill the pool at the first sign of
>>> connection trouble? I didn't see anything obvious in
>> Hmmmm ... connection validation should be documented...
> I would also appreciate such a documentation : have the same exact problem
> where a restart of the database server (this is very unlikely but hey
> : it may
> happen in HA environments in case of master/slave switch for example)
> generates domain connections errors looong after the DB server is up.
> I presume these are caused by staled pooled connections.
> I tried to tweak some validations parameters (validation by a SQL query
> for example), but could not get to something to work.
> Any advice ?
> Regards,
> M. Maison