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Re: problems with jsf 2.1

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Hallo Martin

Thanks for your answer. I'll stick to english; it could be that somebody
else might find this useful who is not able to read german... :)

Well it seems that I didn't make my problem exactly clear. Sorry for this.

What I wanted to say was that the annotation is ignored at all. It not
even causes an error. I still have to provide the
managed-bean-informatiojn in the faces-config.xml-file. Doing this
everything works as expected; the bean getter-methods are called.

I had the dependency you mentiond already added to my pom but with
slightly different version - 2.1 - and not as 'provided'. I changed the
scope to 'provided' but to no avail.

I have to confess that I'm completely stuck... =(

Best regards


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