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RE: Accessing Glassfish configuration values from domain.xml

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Here is one suggestion. You use org.glassfish.embeddable.GlassFish service to execute asadmin commands. It's part of a public interface. Just Google for its javadocs. It's available as a service in osgi service registry. So, you can use it easily from uour bundle that is installed using felix fileinstall.


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Hi Tim, Valid point. Currently I am deploying my configuration service OSGi
bundle to the Felix FileInstall location domain1/autodeploy/bundles. Are you
saying that by simply deploying my OSGi bundle to the modules/autostart
folder, I then have an OSGi module and can start to use the @inject
annotation ? Thanks Ed


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Hi Sahoo.

Thanks for that. I hadn't seen the getCommandRunner method on the org.glassfish.embeddable.GlassFish interface.