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Problems with multicast on Mac OS X Lion and 3.1.2

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Using asadmin validate-multicast on Max OS X Lion (10.7.3) and 3.1.2 gives the following:


asadmin> validate-multicast

Will use port 2048

Will use address

Will use bind interface null

Will use wait period 2?000 (in milliseconds)

Listening for data...

Unexpected exception occurred: bad argument for IP_MULTICAST_IF

From "McastSender" thread: Ignoring exception Can't assign requested address leaving group.

Exiting after 20 seconds. To change this timeout, use the --timeout command line option.

Received no multicast data

Command validate-multicast failed.



Works in 3.1.1 on the same machine. Anyone else that has bumped in to this problem on 3.1.2 and Mac OS X Lion?