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@Path + trailing slashes

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Joined: 2011-01-13

Hi, first post here. I am not sure if this is a GlassFish question or not but I need to start somewhere.
I have a REST class, something along these lines:
public class Test{
public String someFunc1(@PathParam("id")long id){ ... do something ..}
public String someFunc2(@PathParam("id")long id, @PathParam("id2")long id2){ ... do something ...}
Problem is a url with an ending slash on partX without an ID does not match to any function and results in a 404. For example these work:
But this one does not:
Ideally I would like for this last case to be matched to "someFunc1".


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Joined: 2011-01-13

Solved it. Just had to fix my regular expressions, I had to change the * to a + since I wanted at least 1 digit for it to be valid.
Thanks for looking.