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OSGi WAB and High Availability session replication

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I am currently trying to enable High Availability session replication for one of my OSGi Web Application Bundles. The Bundle is a copy of a WAR file which successfully uses session replication. However session replication does not work in my WAB.

The only difference between the two applications is the "availabilityenabled" property which I set when I deploy the WAR. The WAB is deployed using the Felix GoGo shell, where I have no chance to set the "availabilityenabled" property. I assume this to be the reason why session replication works perfectly in my WAR but not in my WAB.

Is there any chance to set the "availabilityenabled" property for WABs deployed with the Felix GoGo shell?

I am using GlassFish


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Joined: 2013-01-07

Is there any official statement to this question?