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MBeans definition and registering using annotations only

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Joined: 2012-11-21

Hello Everybody,

Is it possible to define and register a MBean using annotations only?

I think that the @MBean, @ManagedOperation, etc. used to be in the JDK 7 but for some reason - they're not (

Is there any Glassfish proprietary way of annotating MBeans, exposing their operations and attributes and registering it so there is no need for the developer to invoke any of this:

ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer().registerMBean(myBean, new ObjectName(myMBeanName));

Are there any information about JMX 2.0 progress?
Will it ever arrive?

Thanks in advance,

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Joined: 2012-11-21

To add - JBoss seems to have similar approach using its own annotations ( e.g. where you can define the objectName.

Are there any plans to make this standardized?