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Maximum Number of Request Parameters

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We are running open source Glassfish in production. I have encountered the following error in the server.log:

WARNING: More than the maximum number of request parameters (GET plus POST) for a single request([10,000]) were detected. Any parameters beyond this limit have been ignored. To change this limit, set the maxParameterCount attribute on the Connector.

Is there a way (programmatic or configuration) I can access the referenced maxParameterCount attribute on the http connector?

I searched the forums, JIRA and Google, and came up with another identical report/request:

That other thread referenced the commercial patch release, which I do not have access to. Does anyone know of a patch available on JIRA or similar?

I know what is causing this, and why, but I was hoping to provide a mitigating fix in the app server while the code is being refactored. It is due to using large data sets in the PrimeFaces PickList component (

Many thanks,