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Maven coordinates for EJB stand-alone client?

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I'm looking for the Maven coordinates of the EJB stand-alone client. I followed the EJB FAQ and started looking for gf-client. In Maven central I found three group ids providing such an artifact.

  • org.glassfish.main.appclient
  • org.glassfish.main.appclient.client
  • org.glassfish.main.appclient.client
org.glassfish.main.appclient seems to be GF4 only so I ignored this and tried
org.glassfish.main.appclient.client:gf-client and org.glassfish.appclient:gf-client. But they don't seem to be what I'm looking for since they contain about 60 MB or more of dependencies including stuff that's clearly wrong (grizzly-http, jsp, hk2, jpa, webservices, …).