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Load balance use glassfish, apache and modjk

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i´m currently working at a project for my university and read the article of Amy Roh (

In my case there are three virtual machines in the same subnet and i could ping from every VM. Currently i installed at VM1 an apache http Server with mod_jk and want to use it as a load balancer, on VM2 and VM3 there are glassfish 3.1.2 already installed. How does it works with the network-listener or http-listener? is the option "--listener-address" correct in my case or do i need the ip address of the VM where instances are configured?

My target is to have VM1 as Load balancer and a cluster between VM2 and VM3.

I do some tests, a cluster works between the 2 VM´s and if i use 1 VM and configured like the articel of Amy Roh it also works with load balancing.

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