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Java crashes after 30 minutes

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We’re setting up a Glassfish v3 server on an offline network, with a lot of processing happening in the Java Servlets (Think 12 hours or longer). We’ve been having stability problems trying to get the software to run longer than 30 minutes though. It seems that consistently, after 30 minutes of running, Java will crash on the hosting machine, and we’ll have to restart Glassfish. Any ideas of what sort of configuration we would need to run this? We’ve adjusted the session timeouts, request timeouts, and idle thread pool timeouts, but none of them seem to be doing the trick. Thank you for your time!

Edit: Forgot to mention, this is on a Redhat Linux System, and Glassfish does not report any errors, and there's nothing in our Glassfish logs or JVM logs to indicate a problem. The OS reports that openjdk has crashed, and I think the error says something like, "Process java was killed by signal 11".

Edit: Also, for some reason, it now seems to be 1 hour instead of 30 minutes. I can't quite figure out what makes it last 1 hour vs 30 minutes, but it always crashes at exactly one of those time periods, and in the exact same way.