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Is it possible to have a "dynamic" @PersistenceContext?

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I have a webapp using GlassFish3.1.1 + JSF2.1 + RichFaces4.3.2 + CDI/Weld + CODI + JPA2 + Hibernate4.2.2 + Firebird.
I use also JTA (database connection injection from GlassFish).

I need to install many clients with separate databases in a cloud server. My actual solution is to deploy 1 webapp per client.
Each webapp consumes +/- 300 Mb of RAM. Then, if I have a cloud server with 2 Gb, I get to deploy 5 webapps.

I would like to deploy just one webapp, and, after "an analysis of the user to log on", to use the database of his enterprise.
Then, I would have much more clients than actual 5.

My solution can't use some kind of multitenancy, because each client must have a separate database, it's a major pre-requisite.

My big problem is @PersistenceContext(unitName="XXX"), because XXX is defined statically, I don't get to change XXX after "an analysis of the user to log on".

Is there some way to do this?

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Joined: 2003-11-13