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Issue with using reflection on glassfish v

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Joined: 2013-05-28

I am trying to deploy and run a sample application over glassfish v I am able to deploy it successfully. But somehow facing some issues while doing some process. It is related to reflection :

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not set pt.lighthouselabs.sherlock.model.AuditRecordId field to pt.lighthouselabs.sherlock.model.AuditRecord
at com.impetus.kundera.persistence.PersistenceValidator.isValidEntityObject(

This is something working fine in out of container and as well as on tomcat. So wondering it is something to do with classloading or may be some environmental issue? I tried to debug this issue and this is failing for:

protected void ensureObj(Object paramObject)
if (!(this.field.getDeclaringClass().isAssignableFrom(paramObject.getClass())))

Any help?