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A How to for the use with mod_proxy?

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well the title says it all, in the docs and most blogs/tips I have found only how to work with mod_jk.

What I want, is use Apache for static content and GlassFish for the dynamic part.

So I have mod_proxy configured in Apache like in this blog:

But I want to use the ajp protocol, so instead of this line:


I would have:

BalancerMember ajp://

But how do I configure GlassFish to listen to this protocol? Do I have to create a new listener as in Amys blog: ?

Can anybody help me with the complete procedure to be performed to link Apache with GlassFish using mod_proxy and ajp?

Thanks in advance!


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Joined: 2011-05-05

Got a Server Error, so had to retype the question and forgot this part:

If a is needed what should go in it? The same as in