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How to monitor the memory used by each webapp deployed?

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I use GF 3.1.1 and would like to know if there is some plugin or external software that may analize the webapps deployed in a GF server, checking the resources used, mainly the RAM used during some time.

My GF used 2 Gb in a CentOS6, and I empirically deploy a maximum of 5 "same" webapps in it. I have one webapp per client, and I pay U$100,00/VM in a cloud server. Then, My calculation is that each client costs U$20,00 in the cloud.

Now there are other plans in the cloud server, that decrease costs when increase RAM, but I don't know how much RAM each client really uses, I think more and less 1.5 Gb/5 clients = 300 Mb/client. But some clients need more resources than others, because the size of each business. Then, I would like to make a more precise calculation of RAM using.