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How to make pkg work for glassfish 4 in Kubuntu 14.04 x64

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Joined: 2014-06-07

I'm trying to launch pkg for updating my glassfish 4 in Kubuntu 14.04 x64

I get an error:
"There was an error running


You are running on a 64 bit Linux distribution and the 32 bit Linux
compatibility libraries do not appear to be installed. In order to use
the Update Center tools you must install the 32 bit compatibility libraries.

On Ubuntu (and possibly other Debian based systems) please install the
ia32-libs package. On RedHat 4 (and other RPM based systems), you may
need to add multiple 'compat' runtime library packages. Please see the
Update Center Release Notes for more information"

so far I found two approaches:
1) installing i386 libraries for the tool
2) replacing the original pkg script and with the "right" ones

The first approach was executed as on
and the second inspired by

But both were unsuccessfull :(

in the first we have libraries for Ubuntu 13 and it's not enough, the error is still reproduced

in the second I have a problem with _actions.c source file, cause the original link is broken, and google gives me only
and the file I think has changed significantly, cause I have an error "Key error: Action type class missing: signature"
I tried to comment initialization of signature action type, then I got another error something like can't find "_fromstr" import in __init.py__
I changed the _fromstr to fromstr as it is declared in _action.c
now it has no more errors, but can't parse subcommands in pkg command :)

any ideas how to get it work in any of these directions?

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Joined: 2014-06-07

The second path leaded me to a success. I could update a jersey component.

Some additions to the algorithm are
1) pkg - pass command-line parameters to the
2) _actions.c - a) rename exported function
b) delete lines corresponding to a new action object - signature
3) __init.py__ - in fromstr function just return the result of the imported function