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How to handle SSL certificate renewal process when GlassFish is used behind Apache WebServer?

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I'm using GlassFish 3.1.2 behind an Apache Web server to interface between java logic on the application server and client web app.

To get a Java method to send email through GlassFish to the SMTP webserver in Apache WebServer, I need to import the mail server's certificate (exim.crt in my case) to GlassFish, otherwise a Java exception occurs.

This certificate auto-renews, which works great for Apache WebServer, because it's already pointing to the correct file/directory.

However, since I imported the certificate into GlassFish, I assume GlassFish needs me to import the renewed certificate as well. Is this true?

If so, unless I manually import the renewed certificate into GlassFish, won't I see a Java exception when the originally imported cert in GF expires?

Assuming I'm not doing anything different than others, is it standard practice to manually re-import SSL certificates yearly into GlassFish, for example, using a keytool command?

I don't really have any experience in this area. Looking for help to understand what is normally done to prevent manual intervention yearly for such a task. How is this normally addressed?