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GlassFish/Tomcat security issue between domain users in linux server (alternate docroot issue)

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Let's suppose we give to different users(clients) different domains (one domain for one user) in our glassfish application server for their work. This glassfish works in centos 6 server. Every user has his user folder in /home (/home/user1, /home/user2). Glassfish is installed in /usr/glassfish..... and runs ass "glassfish" linux user.

And every our user(client) want's to have an alternate docroot(s). Heres is the problem. Every user has access only to his home folder. So it's the place where he wants to have alternate docroot(s) to keep his data. In order glassfish could get users' alternate docroots we open users' folders (/home/user1, /home/user2) for glassfish. But now, every user can deploy his application and get another user's alternate docroot.

So either my vision is wrong is how can it be fixed?