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GlassFish4.0 on Windows XP SP3 with JDK1.7.0_67

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Hoping someone can help me.

I downloaded Glassfish 4.0 and JDK1.7.0_67 separately. JDK installed fine, however not able to get glassfish to start at all.
I have already checked the following -

1. Made sure the paths are all correct, infact I hardcoded some in asenv.conf and asenv.bat, so no question of things not being resolved.
2. netstat -a -b | findstr 4848 tells me that port 4848 is not in use.

When I execute the below ->

C:\glassfish4\glassfish\bin>asadmin.bat start-domain domain1

below is the output I get.

Remote server does not listen for requests on [localhost:4848]. Is the server up
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.sun.enterprise.admin.cli.CLIContainer.getLocalCommandsNames(
at com.sun.enterprise.admin.cli.CLIUtil.getLocalCommands(
at com.sun.enterprise.admin.cli.AdminMain.executeCommand(
at com.sun.enterprise.admin.cli.AdminMain.doMain(
at org.glassfish.admin.cli.AsadminMain.main(

3. Below is how my hosts file looks. localhost localhost $HOSTNAME

All I am trying to do is to get Glassfish to run some Java 7 EE stuff on my local windows machine. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Could you kindly post the full stack trace and any server log.

Joined: 2014-08-05

Enlcosed please find the files. Please let me know if you need any more info I can pass on with some commands. Thanks.

Joined: 2014-08-05

Reattching server log.

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Not sure about the NullPointerException printed on asadmin start-domain. That is probably a secondary issue.

Looking at server log file, it is clear that asadmin process tries to launch the server using java command-line logged there. However, there is no error after that and clearly the server does not start. I would venture to guess that it is very early startup error on java that is not captured in the log file.

Will it be possible to open a command window and run the command from the log file directly? You might have to do a few tweaks to ensure that all strings with spaces are enclosed within double quotes and appropriate shell escape character is used to ensure that it is all treated as one line (Is it ^ for Windows?)

Please look for "JVM invocation command line" and take everything upto -read-stdin -true

"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_67\bin\java.exe"

This should report the error message and that might give clues on next steps.

Joined: 2014-08-05

Thanks Kumara. As you can imagine that will require me to take a very long line and prepare it to run fine in Windows MSDOS to only get to the next step and potentially fail.

Fortunately - I have a different machine with Windows 7 and it works fine there. So I am going to guess that Glassfish 4.0 hasn't really been tested for Windows XP/JDK1.7.0_x. I have just switched to the Windows 7 machine at this point, I will give your suggestions a try at some point and let you know.