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Glassfish3-two node cluster--remote node indicates 'restart required' with yellow warning. Restarting the cluster has no effect

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This is kind of vague because I don't have a lot of information. A client has a two-node Glassfish 3 cluster that I configured and set up for them last year in a dev environment. They've since re-installed on a different pair of vmware servers, and now when they bring up the DAS and the cluster, they go in the Admin console and one node (the node on the same VM as the DAS) appears fine (green check), but the remote node has a yellow warning and a message about 'restart required'. Restarting that node or the cluster doesn't clear it up. However, the administrator can log into the web application that is deployed to each node just fine, so everything appears to be ok w/ deployments. Nothing unusual in the log files that I've seen.

Anyone seen something like this and have an idea where to start?