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Glassfish3 deployment options for third party libraries

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Joined: 2007-09-08

We deploy multiple web applications on glassfish 3.1.x application server. I would like to separate out third party libraries out of the individual war files and add them to a common location so that the deployment time is reduced. As a additional advantage the disk space is also reduced.

I tried adding the libraries in the domain/lib directory. The only issue I face is logging. We use slf4j and logback for application logging (some of the third party libraries also use the same). Since the libraries are in domain/lib while the configuration files (logback.xml) are in individual war files, logback does not find them and start logging in default mode (debug) for all packages.

How can I configure my applications such that the third party libraries are placed at a central location in glassfish and the logging is done as per the configuration files (logback.xml) from the individual web applications?

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Joined: 2007-09-08

Logback provides a way to have the same set of logging libraries loaded for multiple applications deployed on the glassfish container. I had to make two changes to make this work
1. add a jndi entry to specify the context name in web.xml
2. place the logback-.xml configuration file in WEB-INF\classes (or lib).

This way logging is controlled by each web application and the libraries are kept at a central location.