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Glassfish v3.1 Solaris HTTP Error

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Joined: 2010-09-10

I am running into a problem when I try to set up a cluster on Solaris machines.
Everything goes well, including setting up SSH on all 3 machines following Then, I go to use the ./asadmin create-node-ssh command as follows, according to
-bash-3.00$ ./asadmin create-node-ssh --nodehost mycomputer1 --installdir home/glassfish3 remote_node1
HTTP connection failed with code 404, message: Not Found
Command create-node-ssh failed.
SSHing works perfectly, even without prompting for a password. These boxes do not and will not ever connect to the internet. But why is it even trying to connect? I see no need, and I should be able to connect to remote nodes without first connecting to the internet, using SSH.
Please advise. Thanks!
Added: Even such simple commands as "./asadmin list-commands" are failing with the HTTP 404 error. "./asadmin list-domains" works fine however.