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Glassfish usera authentication against JDBC

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I've question about posibility of JAAS/realm glassfish user authenication using database bultin authenication mechanism. I'm not asking how to configure glassfish to take user/password from table in database!

The main issue is to NOT store passwords in special database table but use original login module of database.

I'll try to describe how it should work:

User via web form enters username and password. Glassfish using these values tries login to database. If supplied username/password are wrong database itself deny login if correct glassfish checks in special table role and do all "internal things" to allow user access to protected resource.

I was googling a lot about samples of that code but I didn't found anything.

Is it possible? Propabbly I've to write own authentication module and realm but actually I don't quite understand how to do it.... :-(

I'll be very gratefull for working sample codes which I can modify to my needs.

Best regards


BTW.: I'm new to forum so "hello".