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GlassFish split sever.log or filter whats written in it ?

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Hello all on the forum.

In the past few days I'm searching for a way to filter the information that are written into the server.log file or how to split whats written in it to multiple files.
The GlassFish server is version and on it is running a soap interface. What I really want to do is keep the log clean for server.log to only contain GlassFish server errors, but soap exceptions are also written to it where are a lot if someone just puts a wrong argument to a property I get an exception written to it so I don't want them in the server.log. I have tried looking up the logging and try to determine which logger might be with setting each one to off and slowly giving them one by one a level. The only one is com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.GFFileHandler but if a set it to off logging stops completely. I also found that somehow you can use log4j but first I didn't bring it to work to log server logs and second For the soap implantation it isn't a viable option needing to change it alto.

Does anyone know a way to either filter the log that is written to it or split it in to multiple files One that contains only server errors and one for each application running on the Glassfish.

Thank you for any help you can provide.