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Glassfish GUI admin not showing correctly started clusters or instances

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I have a problem concerning my glassfish admin gui.
When I click on a started cluster it won't show me the correct status of that cluster or instance.
For the moment all my clusters are not started according to the admin gui.
But I can access them all correctly plus asadmin tells me that the clusters have booted correctly.

The problem only exists in the admin gui. I suspect it has something to do with accessing the derby database???
I've noticed it for the first time when I experienced problems with my ssl certificate.
I tried to fix my ssl certificates but I ended up by removing all certificates in the keystore.jks and deleting the file cacerts.jks.

I just created 1 s1as private key and inserted that into the keystore. Then I used this key to recreate my cacerts.jks file.
I have no idea if this has anything to do with the problem of the correct status in the admin gui but this was the latest thing I did before I noticed the problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best regards