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Glassfish freeze after a lot of deploy

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Hi dude

I'm quite newbie with Glassfish, but I have this question. A customer of mine asks me to help him in Glassfish tuning. This is the environment:

- VmWare virtual machine
- 4 cores
- 16Gb Ram

- Ubuntu Server 14.04
- Java JDK 1.7 latest
- Glassfish
- Oracle connector ojdbc1.6

It seems correctly running withour errors or warning.

To configure and "tune" Glassfish, they followed this how-to:

In this instance he runs 2 glassfish domains in which they tried to deploy 12 EAR. During this deployments the system slows down progressively until it locks after the twelfth deployment. They need a reboot.

I know that could be useful to print some log files to know more about the problem, but unfortunately I don't have them at the moment. What I interested to know, at this moment, is what you think about this use of Glassfish. As I said, I don't know Glassfish well, but it seems to me that they try to use an application server not in a correct way (a lot of EAR, only one machine, two standalone domains).

What you think about that?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You probably are running into the known classloader memory leak documented here: