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Glassfish Embedded - EJB as an OSGi Service

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I've been doing some testing using Glassfish embedded in an alternative
OSGi container/runtime (in my case, Apache Karaf running Felix). I've
been successful in writing OSGi services/components that make use of Java
EE resources in Glassfish such as JDBC Connection pools and JMS Connection
factories, as per the examples that have been posted on the web.

I'm at a place in my testing where I am trying to evaluate the merits of
exposing an EJB as an OSGi service. All of the examples I have seen
depict writing EJB's and deploying them as an OSGi bundle. I am assuming
when you do this, the EJB/OSGi service is a singleton. Is this a correct
assessment? Is this the only way to expose an EJB as an OSGi service?

I am curious about whether it is possible to deploy an EJB JAR (or an EAR
containing the EJB JAR) directly into Glassfish (via the server console,
or asadmin), and have the EJB's contained therein register themselves as
OSGi services? What I'm thinking about is taking code that I would not
normally deploy in an app server because it would violate the EJB
specification (like reading data from a file), and deploy it as an OSGI
service, and then take advantage of EJB/JPA code I've already written (for
example, a persistence layer for an application implemented using
Stateless Session Beans and JPA Entities) to perform transactional updates
to an underlying datastore. Thus, all I would need to install into the
OSGi container would be a bundle containing the interfaces for the Session
Beans, instead of the Session Beans themselves.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here?