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Glassfish CMP not cleaning up transactions

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I have multiple EJB's using Container managed persistance. I appear to be leaving the transactions open, however, with CMP, I thought, its the container that cleans up the transactions after a commit. This problem may also be me misunderstanding what I'm seeing. Allow me to explain.
In glassfish (V2.1) I enable Monitoring of JTA and look at the Transactions Tab.
I execute my program which invokes multiple EJB's that do inserts/updates to my database. In general, EJB's are marked with a TransactionAttribute of NotSupported, with the actual method that does the insert as RequiresNew. So when I exit the method, it should commit.
After completion, the Transactions Tab shows multiple transactions, all listed as "No Transaction" in the "State" column. I do see some while the program is running marked as "Active" and some of them do go away. However, it always leaves the transaction. Some have been around over 67 hours. When I restart Glassfish, they go away. I'm assuming this is a transaction that was committed but not released. These never seem to be cleaned up.
My code is doing injection for the entity manager and everything else is either using em.createNamedQuery().getResultList(), em.createQuery().executeUpdate(), or using the em.persist() or em.merge().
Am I missing something (glassfish parameter, etc) or should I be doing some kind of close() in my code.
Thanks for your help