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Glassfish 4.0 only uses jdbc/__default

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I have a JSF project on Win7 using NetBeans 7.3 and Glassfish in which I use a PostgreSQL database through a JDBC resource. Works fine. When I created a dev environment for this project on another Win7 machine and a Mac (both using NetBeans 7.3 and Glassfish 4.0) the project ignores my datasource and uses jdbc/__default. The source code on all three machines is the same and I have set up Glassfish on the two "new" machines the same as the original as far as I can tell.

Apparently I am not the only one with this problem (see: so I suspect either a bug or default configuration change in Glassfish 4.0. Anyone else encounter this and have a solution, or any ideas on what to try?