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Glassfish 4 Web Application Bundle (WAB) and virtual servers

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We have glassfish 4 and we try to use wab instead of non-osgi ear and war. Everything is ok. We did all settings for maven, generated wab and copied it to domain/autodeploy/bundles. In pom.xml we have

groupId org.apache.felix /groupId
Web-ContextPath /webclient /Web-ContextPath
And we get our html page by http://x.x.x.x:8080/webclient/index.html. Now we want to assign it to one of virtual servers in otder to get it via domain name. So the questions:

If it's possible to assign a virtual server to wab by copying it to autodeploy/bundles folder (as we do) how to do it?
We tried to deploy it via console - applications -> deploy. Type - other, selected virtual server and checked osgi type. But we can't get it by domain name (404-not found). When you choose type-other there is no context root as in case of type - web application. We tryied to set it in WEB-INF/glassfish-web.xml
context-root/ /context-root
parameter-encoding default-charset="UTF-8"/
But we can't get it. It again works by ip but not by virtual server domain name. What do we do wrong?