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Glassfish 4, SSL and HTTPS - how do you do ?

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Running the latest Glassfish 4 Application Server.
Ordered and received a certificate from comodo ( ).
Did follow their advice on the page -> Support Center » Knowledgebase » Certificate Installation: Glassfish .

That is not helping me.

When I list my keystore
: -> keytool -list -keystore keystore.jks
I can see 5 entries where :
-> .com, Feb 6, 2014, trustedCertEntry
-> glassfish-instance, Jan 21, 2014, PrivateKeyEntry

looking closer at the entry glassfish-instance with the verbose-command
: -> keytool -list -v -alias glassfish-instance -keystore keystore.jks

I see that this is my old certificate which expired November pointig at my which
is not in use anymore ....
I choose to throw that key away, next time I run the keytool -list I have only 4 entries ...
That would be sufficient ?

Going to the admin-gui-interface : Configurations-Server-config - HTTP Service - Http Listerners -> http-listener-2 .
The Security checkbox is checked.
I flip to SSL and there I choose SSL3 and TLS :
In the input-box 'Certificate Nickname' I replace 's1as' with ' .

I restart the server.
I try to login in at https://localhost:8181 with links from my command-line -> SSL Error

What am i doing wrong ?

I have check allt the Glassfish 4 documentation ( , ) But I am stucked .
Did check out this Glassfish Security ( for ver 3.x ) at youtube ->
but they never did dive into those certifications.

I wish that some Glassfish-person could put a nice tutorial out there ( followed javadude but with No luck , - that is actually version 3 there ... could be that ofcourse .... )

Hope that you can give me some advice here.

regards, Inki