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Glassfish 4 Rolling Upgrade

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Joined: 2014-04-29

I'm relatively new to glassfish. I have a two node cluster setup with Glassfish 4 and I'm trying to test zero downtime rolling upgrades with a simple web app installed. The web app is deployed with a version. The cluster nodes sit behind an F5 load balancer. From the docs, I'm following these steps:

From DAS, deploy the next version of the application with enabled = false

For each node
Remove Node from F5 load balancer
Enable new version of application
Add Node Back to F5
Wait for traffic to start

My issue is when I Enable the new version of the application for a given node. It causes the web app on the other node to start failing.

If I issue the enable command targeting the cluster, all of the nodes get affected.
asadmin enable --target cluster webapp:newversion

If I issue the enable command targeting a single node, I get no errors from the command but the node not targeted starts returning 404 responses. The only way to get it to work again is to issue an enable for a version against the entire cluster.
asadmin enable --target node1 webapp:newversion

Is there something else that I'm missing that you have to do?
Any help would be appreciated.