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Glassfish 4 freezing.

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Joined: 2008-07-08

Hello Guys,

I am starting a new project using the new Glassfish 4 and i am getting a problem.

Our software uses 2 EJB Project. to receive a XML file, store in the hard disk and send to Amazon S3 and process it to put into a Mysql database.

To test, i am starting 4 process to send XML files in my computer, each one sending 100000 xml files. after at least 3 process ended, the Glassfish freeze and i get a message (; Connection Refused).

I am using Glassfish in Amazon EC2 with a double core machine and 7.5GB of RAM. Glassfish is using 4GB of memory.

In the server.log, nothing is displayed.

To solve i have to make the asadmin stop-domain and asadmin start-domain.

Thanks a lot for any tip.

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