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glassfish with eclipselink 2.5.0 (JPA 2.1)

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Joined: 2010-11-22

Does anybody know if it is possible to use the new eclipselink 2.5 (for the jpa 2.1-extensions) in a normal glassfish I need this possibility both for a standalone-GF and also for an embedded GF (for the tests).

I would need to use the new jpa 2.1-features (fetch plan/entity graphs) in my production environment.
Switching to GF 4.0 ist no option at the moment.

At the moment i am successfull in changing the eclipselink-jars for the glassfish, but the new features are still not available. That is clear for me, because the PersistenceContext-Annotation returns an EntityManagerWrapper-Object, which ist from glassfish and not from eclipselink. So it is clear, that the new Methods are not known.

Any ides or hints?

Does somebody have done this change and has positive feedback?

Or is it NOT POSSIBILE to make JPA 2.1 available on a Glassfish

thank you in advance, andy