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Glassfish 3.1.2 embedded jdbc-connection-pool not working

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Hi, I have an ear which has an ejb module and a web module. In my ejb module I created glassfish-resources.xml under META-INF folder. In one of my EJB's constructor I created and InitialContext to lookup my jndi.

<jdbc-connection-pool name="mydb_pool" ping="true" ...>
  <property name="User" value="usr" />
  <property name="Password" value="my1DB" />
  <property name="dataBaseName" value="mydb" />
  <property name="serverName" value="localhost" />
  <property name="portNumber" value="1234" />
<jdbc-resource pool-name="my_pool" jndi-name="jdbc/mydb" />

public class EmployeeService {
  public EmployeeService() {
    InitialContext context = new InitialContext();
    dataSource = (DataSource)

I deployed my application from command line using

asadmin --user admin --host localhost --port 20048 deploy --force simple-ejb-project-ear.ear

Then I get an error in server log that the Name cannot be found.

Then I removed the lookup in my EJB and tried to list the resources in my application's submodules to check whether the resources are being created or not. I used

asadmin --user admin --host localhost --port 20048 list-applications --subcomponents --resources

I was able to see the resources being created. But when I try to lookup I get an error.

Can anyone please help me. Thank you all in advance.

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Joined: 2013-06-20

Holy shit!! Its working if I use @Resources annotation. But with InitialContext its not working.

Any ideas?

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Look at "Table 2 Operations Allowed in the Methods of a Stateless
Session Bean" - JNDI access will work only starting with the PostConstruct.


On 6/26/13 4:12 AM, wrote:
> Holy shit!! Its working if I use @Resources annotation. But with
> InitialContext its not working. Any ideas?
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Thank you mvatkina. Thanks a lot.