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Glassfish 3.1 - Standalone Instances/ Cluster Instances can't be administered

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I have an DAS running that currently serves my apps. However, I want to create 2 independent Standalone Instances to serve the apps.
I so went to DAS web-gui, created a new Standalone Instance. After that the instance is visible; (I already copied my masterpassword file to the /node/agent directory prior it);

However, when I want to start the instance, the GUI shows me to wait, and after that reports the instance as stopped; The instance is running however, as I can see its thread and access its HTTP default page;
The logs dont show anything special, only the instance-log shows several:
User [] from host localhost does not have administration access
User [] from host localhost does not have administration access

So, it seems as DAS gui wants to access it without admin-username; How can I specify that is should use my current user?

The exact same behaviour is when I try to setup a cluster; On my local machine with no password it works, but not on my secured-admin remote on;