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Glassfish 2.1 - Want to update included sjsxp: where is it?

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we are using Glassfish 2.1 on Linux. We recently deployed some webservices using Axis2 and we hit a problem: some threads use 100% CPU. From our thread-dump we think we are facing this problem: It is caused by a bug in Axis2 (which believes SJSXP is thread-safe, while it is not) which in turn is caused by a bug in SJSXP (it is not thread-safe). One possible solution would be using Woodstox instead of SJSXP. Another solution would be upgrading SJSXP to a newer version.
We are using Sun Java JRE 1.5 which does NOT include SJSXP. Therefore we strongly suspect that SJSXP is included in Glassfish itself. However we were not able to find it. Where is it?
We found that SJSXP released a new version on Jan 27, 2010 ( Since Glassfish 2.1 was release in 2009, I believe Glassfish 2.1 includes an old version of SJSXP. So ideally we would like to find Glassfish's SJSXP and replace it with the newest version.