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Glassfish 2.1 SOAP Web Services Issue

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I have a WSDL generated from a SEI specifying SOAP 1.1 binding (via annotations). This WSDL has been used to generate the client that invokes the WS and the client is deployed as part of a web application to Glassfish 2.1. Both the client and the service are deployed to the same container (don't ask why: I don't know!)

For some reason, it is sending SOAP 1.2 messages when it should be sending SOAP 1.1 and I can't for the life of me figure out why. If I import the WSDL to soapUI it uses SOAP 1.1 and works fine and I've also generated my own JSE client which works fine.
On top of this I've rebuild everything using SOAP 1.2 and I get the reverse!
I'm a bit stuck now and not sure what to try next.