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Glassfish 2.1 session replication is not working

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Joined: 2014-04-02

I had installed glassfish 2.1 and configured one cluster with 2 instances form 2 different nodes.

Load balncer plugin is configured and enabled for the clusterjsp application.

As i had no hardwar load balancer, for resolving the the 2 instances in one url , i had added a single DNS entry for two instance ips.

For Example:> will resolve 2 ips like and

I am able access with instnace 2 overrided port 8081 like :

Seesion persistance is working, as request is going to another instnce if instance1 is down.

But the session replication , ie the session data is getting lost.

I had enabled the GMS and availablity srvices, with persistance type as replicated,Persistence Scope: as session ,Persistence Frequency as web-method

Could you please help , what is the actual issue that session replication is not happening.